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This is a call to Fast , Pray and to Give.

Have you ever seen a sponge fall into a sink full of water? Immediately it absorbs as much water as it can hold. Its dry, shriveled appearance is transformed into a fully saturated kitchen tool.

Imagine your heart is a dry sponge, and plan to SOAK in His presence for absorbing as much of the Word as it will hold ! Many people testify that God has used Biblical fasting to position their hearts to receive His truth. It has made them ready for the planting of the Word, and being immersed in The WORD  , receive greater insight and direction, and develop a deeper faith (Rom. 10:17). During the hours of fasting, they set themselves apart from earthly concerns and spend their time concentrating on heavenly matters (...things above ... Col 3:2 ). It was then that God revealed the stumps, rocks, and thick roots that entangled their hearts that prevented spiritual growth. Through His Spirit, He also provided the courage to confess and the strength to obey.


What is the condition of your heart soil? How much “groundwork” needs to be done so that you can receive a major planting of the Word? God desires to clear out the rocks and weeds in our lives and break up any hard soil. Biblical fasting prepares us for such  ' tilling '. God is calling His people to consecrate themselves to Him. Won’t you come before Him to be made ready as a good fertile

soil ?

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BURN 24/7

The heart of the Burn 24-7 is first and foremost, the passionate pursuit for the presence of God. We gather, regardless of denominational affiliation, to cry out to God night and day for an awakening in the church, an unprecedented global harvest of souls and the transformation of entire cities. We believe the Burn 24-7 is an expression and fulfillment of the restoration of David’s Tabernacle (Amos 9:11 and Acts 15:16).



S.O.A.R is about victory through love. It's an expression of passion; it's wanting to simply be in His presence; it's wanting to have even more of Him; it's a desire to conquer nations through intercession just to give it back to Him; it's a willingness to receive what He gives and pass it to the streets we are from; it's a passion to see His will done on earth; it's hours of celebration run on the schedule of His Spirit; it's a pattern of what is done in Heaven. This is an event that has its door open to everyone regardless of religious beliefs, ethnic backgrounds or spiritual state of being.


This is a Free event, Registration is for means of further communication about the Event.