How did we begin?

It started off with the name “Radicals”. It was an initiation from God. It took birth in our spirits in 2012.  We then waited for confirmations from God and once we were sure this is a ' God thing ', we finally had our first Service on June 22nd 2015, on a roof top with Cherry Sean pioneering this ' Move of God '.  As the years have gone by , God's faithfulness has only gotten more evident ! Hallelujah ! Our Radical family is growing ... and we radicals now call ourselves “The Acts” ! 


We desire to create a tradition free and a Jesus loving environment.

It’s our passion to see the body of Christ learning to rise and love Jesus everyday. 


Loving God, Serving People.


Christianity is not a set rules and how to get to heaven, it is about bringing heaven down to this earth. Just as in the days of Pentecost we want to see a greater movement, where true worshipers in Spirit and in truth come together without barriers and weight of customs and religion to experience and live daily in the tangible manifesting presence of God and create a community where there is freedom for the captives.

Inspiration Behind The Name

Radicals are people who live with a burning passion and Love. when God whispers in your heart and tells you what he wants, not thinking for a moment, you run immediately to get it done and you never stop, you keep listening and keep running. Every apostle was a Radical and when Radicals come together that’s when the Acts happens, just as the name suggests “The Acts” is taken from the book of acts where we see people desperately in need of the power of the holy spirit in their lives, live it, breathe it, carry it and give it out.